My Artwork in Direct Art Magazine

My Artwork in Direct Art Magazine
I am very pleased to have been selected for inclusion in the fine art magazine Direct Art, Volume 18, 2011-12, published by SlowArt Productions. 
As stated on its website: 
Direct Art was founded in 1996 and has emerged in the last decade as a leading alternative fine art magazine. The concept of Direct Art is to provide a direct connection between the artist and the public. The commentary in the magazine is written by the artists themselves, unfiltered by critical and/or curatorial analysis. In their own voice artists talk about their own work in a sincere and direct manner. The artists for each issue are selected annually from an international talent search. The unique stylistic vision of Direct Art sets it apart from traditional art magazines. Because of its uniqueness, Direct Art appeals to a wide audience. Artists, collectors, gallery owners and ordinary folks who love pictures are all lured to the colorful creativity of Direct Art. 
Direct Art is published annually by SlowArt Productions and is released in the fall of each year. It is distributed by COMAG Marketing Group, the same distributors of Art News and Art in America, to fine book and magazine stores across America, including Barnes and Noble and Borders Books and Music. Additional copies are distributed to New York City galleries, museums and specialty book stores. For more information click on the link: